Update Easy2Meet Participant App

With this update, the participant app has been completely refreshed with a complete re-design, making it compliant with the latest standards and highest security requirements of Microsoft. The roll-out of this renewed participant app will be gradual and will be visible in the various stores from 22 April 2021. 

Important: For a proper rollout of this renewed participant app, it is necessary that you (Global Administrator) grant access to the Azure AD. Grant this permission before 16 April 2021.

Follow the steps in the Knowledge base article on granting permission.


The different panes of the meeting are more user-friendly and clearer. Optimised for mobile viewing, e.g. navigation by swiping has been introduced.

Meeting details
The meeting details get an improved and modern layout.

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The filtering possibilities of your tasks, decisions and meetings will be extended and become more user-friendly. 

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Login for B2C
Via the red button on your login screen, it's now possible to log in to the participant app as a B2C (personal Microsoft account). We also support the use of the Authenticator app. Please read our knowledge article.

Offline comments
It is also possible to add remarks offline (without internet/Wifi connection). These will be synchronized when you are online again. Please read our knowledge article.

Settings menu
Through the settings menu you can change your language settings and easily access help and support functions.

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PDF Viewer
With the renewed PDF Viewer you can navigate directly to a specific page within your PDF document. In addition, the PDF Viewer remembers where you left off.