Metadata on agenda items

In the upcoming version '2.4.6' we have we have added new features and product improvements.

New features:

  1. Metadata on agenda items
    It is now possible to capture more information about an agenda item. You can add: the duration, the person responsible for a specific agenda item and the type of agenda item. This information can also be added to the calendar and template. (See article)
  2. Read status
    In the latest version (iOS, Windows and Android) you are now able to see if you have opened of read a file before.
  3. New Admin setting
    As an Admin you have the possibility to disable the export of documents by participants. If you want to use this setting, it would be better to inform about it. Export is disabled by default for new meeting forums (privacy by design).


  1. When choosing a meeting location, it is now possible to use 200 positions instead of 100.
  2. The title of a topic can now contain more characters and it wil remain aligned.
  3. Comments made on decisions were set to private by default. From now on when creating them, these comments are shared by default. Of course, the comments can be set to private.

Resolved issues:

  1. The crashes in the iOS version of Indeqa.
  2. The crashes and automatic shutdown of Indeqa on a Windows PC.