Improved PDF viewer

Brand new options for PDF viewer - update for users with Windows 10 and iOS
Behind the scenes, we are always looking for ways to further optimize our meeting tool. We have again succeeded in making the user experience of Easy2Meet even more enjoyable. The most recent update implements attractive new options and better functionality in the most frequently used part of the app: the PDF viewer.

New in the PDF viewer

Smoother scrolling through large documents
More and more PDF files are being used during board meetings. With the new PDF viewer, you can scroll smoothly through heavier files without hesitation. This ensures an even better user experience.

Share meeting documents, including annotations, with people outside the meeting


You could also share meeting documents with others in the old version. What is new is that, after the last update, you can also share meeting documents including annotations with other people outside the meeting. This is useful for a team leader, for example, who wants to share a meeting document with his team members after a board meeting. The team leader can even include his personal annotations in the new PDF viewer if required.

Visual attractiveness and functionality further improved
The new PDF viewer offers additional style and colour options for editing your documents. In addition, the sharpness of all annotations is increased for a more beautiful and quieter image. Moreover, with this update it is also possible to make annotations on your smartphone.

Yes! I would like to use the new PDF viewer! What do I have to do?


If all goes well, you do not have to do anything for Easy2Meet updates, because this usually happens automatically. After the update, you can use the new capabilities offered by the PDF viewer. If the new PDF viewer does not yet work, please check whether you have the correct version when logging in, or contact your company's IT department. The correct version with the new PDF viewer is version v1.9.0 and can be seen in the lower right corner of the login screen.


You may have to re-enter your login details once.

Read the full release notes here