2.12 | Nieuwe Outlook functionaliteit

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 19-04-2023

In the upcoming version (2.12) of Indeqa we have made some product improvements:

What's new:

  • Outlook is now integrated: The Add-in needed to be replaced and its operation was strongly linked to the settings of both the organization and the user's PC. So we are not going to release a new Add-in for Outlook, but we have integrated the functionality into the portal. For Indeqa, this adjustment is easier to maintain and for the organizer it will be much more stable. More information about how this works, you can find in this article.


  • Full update notifications: We are working on two small improvements, including adding tasks and decisions to the agenda document that is created for meetings. The second concerns improving the e-mail participants receive when a task is assigned to them.

2.11 | Read only groups

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 11-01-2023

In the upcoming version (2.11) of Indeqa we have made some product improvements and bug fixes:

What's new:

  • Read only groups: With these Read only groups you are able to select a group within Indeqa that will not receive updates / invites via email. They will however be granted full access to the meetings and documents within the Indeqa environment. This function is possible for groups within Indeqa and groups that have been imported from Azure AD. More information in this article.


  • Full update notifications: It is now possible as an admin to allow organizers to choose what kind of notification they wish to send after adjusting a meeting, this notification can either have specific information about the adjustments or not. Some customers voiced they want to be able to send specifics, other’s voiced they wish not to because of possible sensitive information within the shared e-mail. Admins now have the option to keep the information within the notification general or specific with concrete information about what exactly has been adjusted. More information in this article.

Resolved issues:

  • When viewing the minutes of the agenda in the mobile app, it sometimes happened that participants only saw an old version. This has now been fixed. When updating, these will always be retrieved in the app.
  • When changing the date or title of an existing meeting in the portal, it was not always displayed correct on the screen.
  • When exporting the decisions, the tab in Excel now gets the correct title.

2.10 | Improvements around tasks

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 01-12-2022

In the upcoming version (2.10) of Indeqa (we have made some product improvements and bug fixes:


  • Improvements around tasks: For the organizers, the overview of tasks from the portal has been improved. You can now see all tasks of a meeting and also of previous meetings of that type from the meeting screen. You can now easily create tasks directly from the overview, without navigating to a specific agenda item. In addition, it is possible to include all open tasks of a meeting type in the minutes with the template. Participants can change the status of tasks, but the organizer has to activate this option and the task must be assigned to the user. If you need our help with this option, please contact us!
  • Sub agenda items: It is possible again to set times on (sub)sub agenda items.

Resolved issues:

  • The calendar document for attendees is automatically updated if changes are made to the meeting after publication.
  • Participants did not always see the latest updated version of minutes in the app, now they can.

2.9 | Create tasks and decisions

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 07-11-2022

In the upcoming version of Indeqa (2.9) we have made some product improvements and bug fixes:


  • Changing of emails: The emails sent from the Indeqa application have been improved. The content of the emails has been adjusted and if necessary made clearer or improved. In addition, the styling of the emails has been updated and it now fits better with the Indeqa branding.
  • Create tasks and decisions: It is now possible to create a task or decision from the general pages, with all tasks or decisions for the site and link it directly to a specific meeting. Previously it was possible to create a task or decision here, but this could only be linked to a meeting type. And if you wanted to do this, you first had to create a task or decision at a specific meeting and look up the agenda item.

Resolved issues:

  • There were PDF files that had problems with annotations. These were PDF's generated by other systems and have been added to Indeqa. For these files the annotations will now be shown again.
  • As an organizer you could not filter on meetings that you have worked on yourself (the author filter). You received an error message but that issue has now been resolved.
  • For the admins, 2 bugs have been fixed in the user management page. All users are now displayed again and the numbers at the top of the page are also accurate.

2.8 | Release Indeqa

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 07-10-2022

In the upcoming version of Indeqa we have made some product improvements and bug fixes:


  • Improved routing to the apps: In several places there are links between our web applications and the apps. Which makes it easy to quickly switch between applications.
  • Numbering attachments: The numbering of attachments has now also been implemented for the participants. Which makes communication a lot easier, because the numbering is now the same as the one in the portal. This way everyone knows what information is in which attachment.
  • Change email styling: The styling of all e-mails sent from the Indeqa application has been adjusted. They are now in line with the Indeqa branding.
  • Version control apps: We have built a version control mechanism into the apps. This will notify users of major or minor updates, when they are available.

Resolved issues:

  • Topic numbering did not change
  • Web app is logged with the wrong version number
  • Users which are added later by General Information will not receive an invitation
  • Topic title and description trigger the update too soon
  • Deleted tasks/decisions remain visible in the apps
  • Memory leak when files are opened/closed
  • Removed Elianne as owner of templates
  • WebApp AngularJS upgraded to 1.8.3
  • #5837: Setup new repository design
  • #5847: Hotfix Bug when a meeting is published with an email user
  • #5836: Cleanup Easy2meet, old unused functionality removed
  • #5819: Choose unit test framework
  • #5814: Locally run API can't download attachments
  • Access to calendar notification is done too quickly

2.7 | Direct app hyperlinks and updated emails

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    Otmar van Driel
  • on 14-07-2022

In version ‘2.7’ we have made some product improvements and added some new features.

New features:

- Open participant apps directly from Outlook meeting.
- Updated notification emails with more information of what is changed

Bugs fixed in this release:

- Delete tasks are not visible anymore.
- Several crashes in iOS are fixed.
- Meetings can be sorted again.

- Styling of a topic in the template is inherited by the agenda.
- Styling of a topic in the template is inherited by the minutes.
- Attachments are shown on the correct place in the agenda.
- Attachments are shown on the correct place in the minutes.
- When Outlook credentials are not valid we'll show a pop-up.

2.6 | Schedule teams meeting from Indeqa

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 10-06-2022

In the upcoming version ‘2.6’ we have made some product improvements and added some new features.

New features:

  • Schedule teams meeting directly from Indeqa: Does your organization have Exchange Online? Then it is now possible to schedule and start Microsoft Teams directly from Indeqa. Important: Would you like to use this new feature? Then it is necessary to have the global administrator give a (renewed) consent! Why are these extra permissions necessary? With the reset of the permissions, authorization is given on the Microsoft Graph API, so the Microsoft Teams meetings can actually be created. After the new release, there will appear a message in your display (see below). To go through these steps you need global administrator rights. Read this article to see how to grant these extra permissions.
  • New authentication protocol for store version of participant app: In the new version the Indeqa participants app uses the new Windows Authentication Manager authentication protocol. Now customers with a complex authentication structure (like ADFS) can also use the store app. As a result, end users will see a changed login screen.

Improvements and resolved issues:

  • Option to set a time only on main topics and not on subpoints;
  • Improved alignment of the topic times in the Indeqa portal and the apps;
  • Display of topic times are also visible when opening meeting documents now;
  • Some customers experienced issues after changing their passwords. As a result, the app ended up in a loop.

2.5.16 Organizer / 2.5.17 Apps

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 20-05-2022

In the upcoming version '2.5.16 Organizer / 2.5.17 Apps' we have added new features and product improvements.

New features:

  • French language: We added a new language on the organizer and apps. Bonjour!


  • Stabilization of the apps.

Resolved issues:

  • 40 bugs were fixed
  • Hardening of security

2.5.13 | Gremium folders

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    Iris van Slichtenhorst
  • on 18-03-2022

In the upcoming version '2.5.13' we have added new features and product improvements.

New features:

  • Bullets: In the new release there is a new option to choose no bullets. This will give you the option to add your own numbering to the agenda. This bullets will appear in the agenda items of the organizer, and will be also be shown in the agenda and the minutes.
  • Gremium folders: It is now possible to create a storage location that is linked to your site. This makes it possible to share documents with participants, who are participating in a meeting. Before this release you had to add those documents separately to a meeting. You can make a location private or public. When creating a private location, no one can see the location until you explicitly give them access.


  • Filters in the app: A frequently asked improvement by our customers is is the filter. Previously, the filter collapsed at the bottom and now it is on the right side. In addition, there are more filter options and a button to delete the filter.
  • Note in a PDF: Previously you could leave a note in a PDF using a speech bubble, now it is possible to add a text box. The text can also be customised.
  • From Easy2Meet to Indeqa: Previously you could reach the organizer on the url organizer.easy2meet.com and now it is changed to portal.indeqa.com. This also applies to the app, this is now app.indeqa.com and previously it was app.easy2meet.com. Of course already existing addresses will still be available including a correct referral.
  • Create agenda items: Since the new release it is possible to add a new agenda item directly below an agenda item, previously you could only add items at the bottom of the agenda items.

Resolved issues:

  • Team add-in on mobile
  • Security fixes

Metadata on agenda items

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    Henry van Olst
  • on 16-12-2021

In the upcoming version '2.4.6' we have we have added new features and product improvements.

New features:

  1. Metadata on agenda items
    It is now possible to capture more information about an agenda item. You can add: the duration, the person responsible for a specific agenda item and the type of agenda item. This information can also be added to the calendar and template. (See article)
  2. Read status
    In the latest version (iOS, Windows and Android) you are now able to see if you have opened of read a file before.
  3. New Admin setting
    As an Admin you have the possibility to disable the export of documents by participants. If you want to use this setting, it would be better to inform about it. Export is disabled by default for new meeting forums (privacy by design).


  1. When choosing a meeting location, it is now possible to use 200 positions instead of 100.
  2. The title of a topic can now contain more characters and it wil remain aligned.
  3. Comments made on decisions were set to private by default. From now on when creating them, these comments are shared by default. Of course, the comments can be set to private.

Resolved issues:

  1. The crashes in the iOS version of Indeqa.
  2. The crashes and automatic shutdown of Indeqa on a Windows PC.

Improved stability mobile apps

  • Fixed Improved
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    Huibert de Hek
  • on 12-11-2021

In the latest version ‘version 2.3.25’, we have fixed a number of bugs:

-several bugfixes for crashes

-several memory exceptions by viewing pdf's

-improved pdf viewer caching settings

-background image on logon screen

-fix export document button on iOS

-PDF viewer opens several times

-fix open Windows app from banner Web App

-fix for download all attachements crash

-fix for new users default added as email user

New name and product improvements

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    Angela Vissers
  • on 03-11-2021

In the latest version 2.3.18 we have made a few bug fixes and a change to the name of our software:

Name change across the app

Due to our rebranding our name has changed from Easy2Meet to Indeqa. In the new release you are able to see the name change across our software. However, you are still able to recognize us through our unchanged icon.

Bug fixes

· Possible App crash when selecting a topic

· Weblink to Windows app fixed

· Inlogscherm iPad (white)

· PDF viewer crash

Improved stability mobile apps

  • Fixed Improved
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    Huibert de Hek
  • on 15-10-2021

In the latest version ‘version 2.3.12’,  we have fixed a number of bugs:

  • Possible crash when opening agenda bundle or minutes
  • Refresh meeting list opens previously opened meeting
  • Issue with long meeting titles.

New feature and product improvements

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    Angela Vissers
  • on 07-10-2021

In the newest update ‘version 2.3.9’, we have added new features and product improvements.

New feature: Synchronization
The synchronization feature is newly added to the Easy2Meet environment. The synchronization feature will automatically download all meeting information for the upcoming 30 days. Hereby you are still able to view all meeting details, agenda topics and documents whenever your internet connection is unstable.

The older meeting information that recently hasn’t been opened and surpasses the 7-day mark will be discarded from the background of your device. However, you will still have access to the past meetings by searching for the meetings and opening them on your device.


  • Agenda PDF: From now on the agenda will also be shown as a PDF document in the overview with the other agenda topics.
  • Document version and attachments: In the participant app the version of the documents will be displayed. Hereby you are able to see which version has been uploaded. The number of attachments will also be shown per agenda topic.


  • Switching error: We improved the bug of a switching error. Users experienced an error when switching between meeting boards.
  • Display and alignment of agenda topics: An improvement has been made for the display and alignment of agenda topics. The agenda alignment and display will improve the user experience when viewing the agenda.
  • Uploading multiple documents: Previously the uploading of documents stopped when users tried to upload documents and continuously closed the screen. With the update users are able to close the screen while uploading documents.
  • Modified status: In some cases, meetings did not receive a modified status when removing an user from a meeting. With the new update a modified status will be applied to the meeting whenever a user will be removed.

Mobile app updated

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    Huibert de Hek
  • on 14-09-2021

In the latest update 'version 2.2.9', we have included some UI improvements and fix some minor bugs.

  • Fixed backbutton interaction with PDF viewer.
  • Minor UI Improvements.

New feature and optimalisations

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    Angela Vissers
  • on 26-08-2021

In the newest update ‘version 2.2.7’, we have added new features and product improvements.

New feature

Meeting bundle

The meeting bundle is a new feature. The meeting bundle provides the option to generate all documents as a bundle. Previously all documents needed to be download separately. The meeting bundle is efficient as it saves time and stores all documents together.


Read more or less button

The read more or less button provides the option to extend a textbox when a longer piece of text is available. This provides participants with the option to extend a longer piece of text whenever the text is too long. Hereby the format of the text will be displayed more neat.

Language amendments

One of the new changes amongst the app is the option to change between the Dutch or English language. This comes in handy for multi-lingual personnel.

PDF viewer

The PDF viewer has been made more user-friendly when it comes to reading annotations. The annotations are now shown more clearly for the ease of reading.


Save remarks

We have implemented an improved lay-out for the remarks section. Previously the remarks were not fully displayed. With the new changes the text will be shown fully.

Move topic

We have improved a bug in the moving of topics in the agenda. In some situations not all aspects of a subtopic were being moved. And copies of original files were never transferred whenever this option was enabled for the tenant. By improving this bug all topics are able to be moved without losing information.

New features and product improvements

  • New Fixed
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    Angela Vissers
  • on 01-07-2021

In the newest update ‘version 2.1.16’, we have added new features and product improvements to the app.

Login without Authenticator

In the previous versions there where some issues regarding the login without authentication. With the current update we offer the option to login on your device without the use of an authenticator. This means that you are able to login with or without authentication.

Option to login with WAM authenticator

We added a new authentication feature to the custom enterprise app. The current update provides you with the option to login with a WAM authenticator. The WAM authenticator is a form of identity management that controls access to web resources. The WAM authenticator provides authentication management, policy based authorizations, with the convenience of single sign-on possibility. Therefore the information of the user is extra secured against unauthorized access.

Extra icon for meeting details

Another addition to our new update is an extra icon for meeting details. The extra icon shows that new details have been added to a specific item in the agenda.

This means that users are able to see where and by clicking the icon, which extra details have been added.

Other adjustments:

Crashing of the app in offline mode

Due to a bug the app kept crashing when it was used in offline mode. Due to the new hotfix the app will no longer crash when being used offline.

Missing of annotations after sync

Few issues have been mentioned, that annotations went missing when synchronizing the app. We have resolved this issue with the new fix.

Unjustly displaying inactivity notifications too often

A bug caused the app to display the inactivity notification too often. The inactivity notification popped up while the app was in use. With the new hotfix this issue has been solved, and the notification will no longer be shown unjustly.

Lacking of tasks when filtering tasks

Due to a bug several tasks went missing when filtering on your own tasks. With the recent bug fix you are able to filter your tasks and they will all be displayed accordingly.

Remarks displayed without space.

In some cases the adding of remarks in documents were shown without space causing the words to stick together as a whole. The new bug fix solved this issue, and from now on all remarks can be read properly.

Noticeability of long remarks

Another bug in the remarks section of documents was the noticeability of long remarks. Issues when adding long remarks in documents where that the remarks where cut off and where not able to be seen as a whole. We fixed this issue and the remarks can be viewed as a whole.

Error when opening long file names in the UWP app.

There where some issues involving the opening of long file names in the UWP app. When trying to open the long named files, an error occurred causing the files not to open. The bug has been solved with a hotfix and files with long names will no longer cause errors when opening in the UWP app.

Update Easy2Meet Participant App

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  • on 07-04-2021

With this update, the participant app has been completely refreshed with a complete re-design, making it compliant with the latest standards and highest security requirements of Microsoft. The roll-out of this renewed participant app will be gradual and will be visible in the various stores from 22 April 2021. 

Important: For a proper rollout of this renewed participant app, it is necessary that you (Global Administrator) grant access to the Azure AD. Grant this permission before 16 April 2021.

Follow the steps in the Knowledge base article on granting permission.


The different panes of the meeting are more user-friendly and clearer. Optimised for mobile viewing, e.g. navigation by swiping has been introduced.

Meeting details
The meeting details get an improved and modern layout.

Graphical user interface, text, application, email

Description automatically generated

The filtering possibilities of your tasks, decisions and meetings will be extended and become more user-friendly. 

Graphical user interface, text, application, chat or text message

Description automatically generated


Login for B2C
Via the red button on your login screen, it's now possible to log in to the participant app as a B2C (personal Microsoft account). We also support the use of the Authenticator app. Please read our knowledge article.

Offline comments
It is also possible to add remarks offline (without internet/Wifi connection). These will be synchronized when you are online again. Please read our knowledge article.

Settings menu
Through the settings menu you can change your language settings and easily access help and support functions.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

PDF Viewer
With the renewed PDF Viewer you can navigate directly to a specific page within your PDF document. In addition, the PDF Viewer remembers where you left off.

New features and product improvements

  • New Fixed Improved
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    Henry van Olst
  • on 13-03-2021

Move agenda items

It is now possible to move agenda items to future meetings. Any sub-items and attachments will be moved with the item. Please read our knowledge article.

Support for inviting B2C (private email addresses)

With this update we made sure that our infrastructure will support B2C (Business to consumer) accounts in the near future. This means that it is possible to invite guest users in the Azure AD who have a private consumer account to Easy2Meet meetings. Please read our knowledge article.

Filtering in tasks and decisions

In the Organizer, extra possibilities have been added to choose multiple options for certain filters. This concerns the filters for:

  • Tags
  • Meeting Types
  • Task Priority
  • Task Status

Please read our knowledge article.

Easier access to help functions

In the Organizer it is now possible to navigate to the Knowledge base with one click. From version 2.0 this will be available for the Windows, iOS and Android participant apps. Please read our knowledge article.

Other adjustments:

Additional verification step e-mail addresses participants
New conference participants will in some cases receive the message that their e-mail address needs to be verified when logging in to the apps. This change has been made to improve the level of security. The change mainly affects B2B and B2C (private email addresses) users. The user will receive an extra email containing a link. Clicking on this link will unlock the login.

Minutes hotfix
Due to a bug, it was possible to accidentally edit the preview minutes instead of the draft file. This caused confusion, with minutes getting lost. After this update, this problem has been solved. The preview file can no longer be opened by accident. In addition, it is now a PDF, so it can no longer be modified.

Notification email hotfix
As an organizer, you can choose to send an email in case of changes in a meeting. In some cases, this notification email appeared not to be sent. This problem has been solved.

Other hotfixes
Several minor issues have been reported recently that were bothering organizers. For instance, it was difficult to empty the location of a meeting. Also, some emails recently only showed the first name of the meeting organizer. All these minor issues have been addressed and resolved.

Microsoft Teams integration for the Easy2Meet Organizer

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  • on 03-02-2021

Ever since the first release of Microsoft Teams, customers have been asking us when Easy2Meet will interface with this beautiful tool. As the possible ways to do this have lately matured, we are now taking the first step of our plan to integrate: allowing the ability to use the organizer from within Teams. Our Teams add-in is currently being validated by the Microsoft Store. When this is finished, any customer will be able to install our add-in through Teams and start organizing meetings.

The Teams add-in is a so-called Personal app. This means it is not used from within a Teams Team, but in the context of the signed-in user.

Opening the add-in is slightly different from using Easy2Meet Browser-first. Aside from that, the way the add-in works is very similar. The only thing that is different, is the navigation. While the main pages have become Teams Tabs, things like switching between Organizers and changing settings have been relegated to a ‘hamburger-menu’.

The new ‘pop-out’ feature of Teams adds to the ease of using the add-in, as the user will be able to switch between Teams Add-Ins, Chats and Teams without having to reload the screen every time. This makes the Teams-first way of using Easy2Meet very easy and comfortable. It is arguably even better than using Easy2Meet Browser-first. As many users suffer from the amount of Browser-tabs they have open, and have increasing difficulty in navigating to the right tab.

Using Easy2Meet from within Teams is a cool new feature for those who love to work Teams-first. And more things will be coming, so keep your eyes open and check our Roadmap once in a while.

Please read our FAQ: https://www.easy2meet.eu/en/kn...

Preparations for launch of Teams integration

  • Fixed Improved
  • Avatar
    Henry van Olst
  • on 27-01-2021

Our development team is currently working on the Microsoft Teams add-in to enable Easy2Meet for Microsoft Teams on a very short term.

For the technical preparation of this integration, we will perform the following updates within the current software of Easy2Meet:

  • Update 1 - The navigation will be adjusted this makes interfering with Teams Chrome no longer possible.
  • Update 2 - It will be possible to log out of the Teams add-in without logging out of Microsoft Teams.
  • Update 3 - A number of language issues will be fixed.

Security update based on Microsoft Principles

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  • on 12-11-2020

Microsoft very recently tightened its security model for Microsoft 365. With Easy2Meet we have acted on this immediately by performing an update for our application. With this update we continue to meet the highest security requirements of Microsoft.

What do you need to do?
It is important that you provide access to your Azure AD again. You can do this via the notification in the Easy2Meet app.

Melding Easy2Meet update

Note: in order to change these settings you need to be a Global Administrator. Are you not? Then ask the Global Administrator within your organisation to perform this action.

This message will take you to your settings. Here you can choose to provide access.

Applicatie opnieuw toegang geven

This will give you a clear overview of what you give permission for. By clicking on 'Accept' you give access to your Azure AD.

Toegang Easy2Meet

Do you have any questions about this update? Then you can always contact our support, we are happy to help you.

Improved user experience and easier to search

  • New Fixed Improved
  • Avatar
  • on 05-06-2020

As a result of feedback from users, the menu of Easy2Meet has been renewed. Users indicated that the menu took up quite a lot of space and we have done the work to improve it.

The menu now takes up less space on the screen. Only when the menu is unfolded, the labels appear and a choice can be made. Another handy feature is that all pages of the organizer can now be accessed with one click. The menu item 'More' has been removed. The underlying items are now directly available from the menu.

The new menu - collapsed

menu ingeklapt_EN

The new menu - unfolded

menu uitgeklapt_EN

For the Organizer: easily switch between installations
Management assistants involved in multiple meetings indicated that it is rather cumbersome to switch from one meeting to another. Especially when there is involvement in a variety of meetings it is quite time consuming, even though there were some conveniences such as bookmarks for it.

The ultimate wish was to show a list of installations within the menu of the Organizer and to be able to switch easily. This has been realized in this release, which makes it possible to go from one meeting to another from the same context.

Easily switch between installations

Organizers_zonder arcering_EN

For the Organizer: making name changes
A change in a name and/or e-mail address is quite common. In that case it would be handy that this change comes directly through in Easy2Meet. As of this release this will be the case. If an organizer or meeting participant changes his name and/or e-mail address, this will immediately be processed in Easy2Meet.

The Outlook add-in: recurring meetings
A much requested functionality is the possibility to convert individual meetings from a series to Easy2Meet meetings. This is now possible!

So, in case of a recurring meeting created in Outlook, with a simple action the desired meeting from the series can be converted and used in Easy2Meet.

Convert a recurring meeting to an Easy2Meet meeting

Outlook add-in_EN

For the participant: easier search and find
Search and find, a crucial function when it comes to going through a document quickly. This release makes it even easier. Searched text lights up and you can easily navigate back and forth between the search results.

Search and find in the participant app


zoekbalk en resultaten_EN

With this new release three bugs have been fixed.

  • An issue where the organizer gets stuck when opening.
  • An issue about archiving users.
  • An issue surrounding the crash of the iOS application.

Any questions or comments?
We hope the update will make your work as participant, organizer or administrator a little easier. Do you have a question or comment about this update, or do you have suggestions for future updates? Feel free to contact us!

Improved Search function & better control over licenses

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  • Avatar
  • on 14-02-2020

Participants of the software get a convenient search function within the Easy2Meet app: the magnifying glass. The magnifying glass is similar to the search function you use in, for example, Word. In the top right-hand corner of the window, you can use the magnifying glass to enter keywords.

Useful to know about the new search function:

  • Flexible search - The search function works within your Easy2Meet app, from any location and from any device.
  • Search through all relevant meeting information - You automatically search through all meeting documents, agenda items, tasks and decisions. If desired, you can also specify where you want to search. So only in tasks, or only in decisions, etc.
  • Choose the period yourself - In the default settings you can search back up to 60 days. You can change this if you wish.
  • All your meeting environments - As a participant, you can search all the meeting environments you have access to.

Previously you could already search through the filter option. This option will continue to exist, next to the magnifying glass.

Search button

Filter in Search Results

Search refiners

Different types of search results (f.e. task, decision, appendix)

Search results_paars

For the administrator: more overview and control on your licenses
Especially in organizations with multiple installations, there was a need for more overview and more control over the licenses on the different sites. With this update, we have adjusted the following:

  • Overview - the Settings screen now allows you to see all users and their roles at a glance. This was previously less clear for organizations with multiple sites. We have adjusted that.
  • Increased visibility and control over the invoice – because you have a better overview of the number of users on all sites, you, as an administrator, have a better overview and thus a better grip on the finances.
  • Delete organizers yourself – previously it was not possible for an administrator to delete or disable an organizer himself. As of the new update, you will have the option to do so.

For the organizer: increased internal overview and control over licenses
As of this update, the administrators within your organization will have increased control over licenses and a better overview. As an organizer you will notice the following:

  • If you have questions about who has which roles and rights within your organisation, you can now contact the administrator/IT provider with all your questions.
  • The administrator can now also remove organizers himself, if desired. Previously, this was not yet possible.

Do you have any questions or remarks?
We hope that the update will make your work as participant, organizer or administrator easier. In case you have a question or comment about this Product Update, or if you have suggestions for future updates? Please feel free to reach out!

Improved PDF viewer

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  • on 13-03-2019

Brand new options for PDF viewer - update for users with Windows 10 and iOS
Behind the scenes, we are always looking for ways to further optimize our meeting tool. We have again succeeded in making the user experience of Easy2Meet even more enjoyable. The most recent update implements attractive new options and better functionality in the most frequently used part of the app: the PDF viewer.

New in the PDF viewer

Smoother scrolling through large documents
More and more PDF files are being used during board meetings. With the new PDF viewer, you can scroll smoothly through heavier files without hesitation. This ensures an even better user experience.

Share meeting documents, including annotations, with people outside the meeting


You could also share meeting documents with others in the old version. What is new is that, after the last update, you can also share meeting documents including annotations with other people outside the meeting. This is useful for a team leader, for example, who wants to share a meeting document with his team members after a board meeting. The team leader can even include his personal annotations in the new PDF viewer if required.

Visual attractiveness and functionality further improved
The new PDF viewer offers additional style and colour options for editing your documents. In addition, the sharpness of all annotations is increased for a more beautiful and quieter image. Moreover, with this update it is also possible to make annotations on your smartphone.

Yes! I would like to use the new PDF viewer! What do I have to do?


If all goes well, you do not have to do anything for Easy2Meet updates, because this usually happens automatically. After the update, you can use the new capabilities offered by the PDF viewer. If the new PDF viewer does not yet work, please check whether you have the correct version when logging in, or contact your company's IT department. The correct version with the new PDF viewer is version v1.9.0 and can be seen in the lower right corner of the login screen.


You may have to re-enter your login details once.

Read the full release notes here

Security & Compliance

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  • on 02-11-2018

Within Easy2Meet we have expanded and adapted the general settings page. It is now possible to change a number of settings organization-wide that will affect all Easy2Meet installations and that can be set by administrators.


External participants
It is possible to activate or deactivate the option of adding external participants, organization-wide. As soon as this option is disabled, it is no longer possible to add an external participant to the participant overview and to a meeting that has been created.

In addition, it is possible to manage the use of external participants centrally from the Azure AD, in accordance with all security principles as prescribed by Microsoft. This means that external users who have been added as a guest user (via Azure B2B) can be invited to meetings.

E-mail participants
It is possible to switch the option for using email participants on or off. This means that once this option is turned off, it is no longer possible to publish a meeting with an e-mail participant and you cannot convert the participation mode to an e-mail mode from the participant overview.

Participant app: Download all meeting documents
In addition to these security measures, we have also added a new knack within the participant app: it is now possible to download all meeting documents at the touch of a button. This will allow you to faster switch between the different documents while making annotations.


You can also download the release notes for a complete list.

Topics update and edit meetings from the app

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  • on 27-09-2018

Extra topic level
A question of new and existing customers has been to add an extra level of topics. We’ve solved this question as soon as possible! Topics can now be added on three levels, and they can be brought up or down a level by using the arrow icons or by dragging them:

Using the extra level of topics in the Organizer Add-In

Note: Because of this new functionality, any custom minutes or agenda templates need to be recreated. This is because the old templates are missing the extra topic level.

Using numbering formats
Another question of customers was the ability to show meeting topics with a numeric numbering format, instead of the default numeric / alphabetic numbering in Easy2Meet. So we thought: why not both?! From now on, meeting administrators can choose their preferred type of numbering format. The options are based on the default options in Microsoft Word:

Setting the numbering format in the Organizer Add-In

Go to More > Settings to find this option.

Note: The changes regarding the meeting topics also influence the participant app. Meeting participants will need to update their tablet apps to the latest version (1.8.2) to be able to see the changes. Meeting topics of the deepest level will only be visible in the new version! Our Advice: Let meeting participants set their device store to automatically download app updates. Manual steps to update Easy2Meet will not be necessary anymore and participants will always have the latest version.

Editing a meeting from the participant app
Easy2Meet consists of an app for participants and an Organizer Add-In for meeting administrators. But what if you are a participant and want to add a topic or attachment to the agenda? To provide for this need, we’ve brought the participant app and the Organizer Add-in closer together. There is now a possibility to directly open a meeting from the participant app in the Organizer. This is only possible if a participant has permissions on the SharePoint site where the Organizer has been installed. If the participant has the right permissions, he or she will see an extra button while viewing the meeting in the participant app:

An extra button in the participant app.

The button opens the Organizer in your default browser:


You’ll note here that the only thing that’s visible, is the meeting itself. This is called ‘Focus on content’, and is a new functionality in Easy2Meet, comparable with the ‘Focus on content’-button in Office 365:

The ‘Focus on Content’ button.

Continuous updates and improvement
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Mobile app & renewed annotation bar

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  • on 31-08-2018

The Easy2Meet app is available on your phone!


The Easy2Meet app is available on phones. This means that from now on you can also access your meetings on your mobile phone and have all your documents immediately available and always up-to-date. Whether you want to read your meetings documents prior to the meeting or whether you want to review the notes afterwards, from now on it is all possible.Check out this page to find out how you can download the app for your device. Have you downloaded the app? We would appreciate it if you would rate the app in the store!

Renewed Annotation bar
A renewed version of the annotation bar; it is now possible to move the annotation bar to the top of the screen or to turn it off completely. In addition to this, the annotation bar has been adapted and a number of buttons have been positioned more conveniently in the annotation bar. For example: The different shapes and the colours that can be chosen now fall under one button, in order to make the annotation bar more compact and more user-friendly.

You can also download release notes regarding this release.

Direct Outlook link to meetings

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  • on 22-08-2018

In order to continuously improve Easy2Meet we like to listen to the feedback from our users. From now on it is possible to open a meeting directly from your Outlook calendar so that you can have your meeting right in front of you even faster. You can view the agenda and already start preparing for your meeting, if you so desire.


In order to make optimal used of this functionality, you need to download the latest version of the participant app (v1.8.8). On Android and iOS tablets and phones, clicking on the link will immediately open the meeting in the app. If you do not have the app or the latest version installed, your meeting will open in the web app (app.easy2meet.nl).
Attention: on Windows devices the app will not open immediately after clicking on the link. The web app will open instead, after which you will see a bar, as shown in the image below. If you click on 'open', Easy2Meet will still open regardless.


For the meeting organizer: open in app
You have been busy preparing for the upcoming meeting. The meeting has been created, all meeting information has been added and the agenda has been carefully put together. Now comes the time to publish the meeting. At the touch of a button, all meeting participants will be informed about it and are given access to the meeting. Once the meeting is published you now have the opportunity to open the meeting in the participant’s app (see the screenshot below).


For meeting participants: Change language
It is now possible to change the preferred language In the participants app:


For a complete list you can download the release notes as well.

Integration of SharePoint and Easy2Meet

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  • on 07-06-2018

Efficient paperless meetings
That is what Easy2Meet facilitates and that is something that, in our experience, can only be achieved when meeting documents can be added in an easy way. We have had this in mind from the very beginning and it has been one of the hard starting points in the development of Easy2Meet. Integration with SharePoint was therefore a matter of course and, judging by the feedback we receive, it works flawlessly. All the more so, since version management of documents is guaranteed.


Just as natural are the choice and the starting point to fully follow the roadmap of Microsoft in the further development of Easy2Meet. That does not mean that we are sitting still. On the contrary, the developments within the Office 365 platform often happen so fast that the platform sometimes catches up with us and as a result we can remove some of our wishes from our backlog. For example, we welcome the fact that Skype for Business is included in Teams, which makes the integration with Easy2Meet easier. We also follow the developments within the bot framework with much interest.

In short, our choice for 'integration by design' helps to quickly and securely integrate useful new developments within Easy2Meet, supporting our ultimate goal of making paperless meetings even more efficient.

Improved tasks and decisions

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  • on 22-01-2018

Unique numbering in tasks and decisions
With the new update, each task and decision is numbered in a unique way, so from now on it is easy to refer to a specific task or decision. It is also possible to add a prefix to the numbering, as in the example below:


Comments on tasks and decisions
Within Easy2Meet, the meeting organiser is responsible for defining and managing tasks and decisions. However, participants may want to respond, for example to record the progress of a task or to add context to a decision.

Both meeting organisers and participants now have the opportunity to add comments. Comments can be made and viewed from both the Organizer and the various participant apps. The comments are listed in the order of the creation date.


A participant can choose to share or keep the comment private.


Continuous innovation
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Curious about the overall list of improvements? Click here for the release notes.

Small updates and hotfixes for meeting organizers!

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  • on 24-10-2017

This release contains small updates and hotfixes for meeting organizers!

Using hotkeys when creating topics
Good news for meeting organizers: from now you can indent and outdent new topics using the Tab and Shift + Tab keys. Adding topics to the agenda has never been easier. By using the keyboard you can easily switch between topic levels, and you can keep typing without having to switch between keyboard and mouse:


New version Outlook add-in
The latest version of the Outlook add-in has been released. This version is faster (and better) than the previous one. Thanks to tips and comments by customers, the add-in has reached a more mature state. From now on you can also easily use appointments from other calendars than your own. If you have delegated access to a different mailbox, you can now select meetings in that mailbox and use them in Easy2Meet. The e-mailaddress of the calendar will automatically be used as organizer. This is ideal if you are (for example) organizing meetings on behalf of your boss.

The Outlook add-in has also successfully passed the beta-stage. If you have any remarks that could make this add-in even better, we of course still want to hear it. If you have already installed the add-in, you'll automatically receive the update within a couple of days. You can download it here too.

Time zone turbulence
Confusion regarding the start time of a meeting, did you experience that too? If you planned a meeting in Easy2Meet at 12 'o clock, in outlook it could sometimes look like the meeting would start at 10 'o clock. The reason of the confusion was the default timezone, which was set to 'Coordinated Universal Time', for any meeting requests sent from Easy2Meet. To prevent any more confusion, the time zone of the organizer will henceforth be used when sending meeting requests.


…and more
Want to read the full list of updates? Click here to see it.

Continuous updates and improvement
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Easy2Meet on any device and a Teams integration

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  • on 14-07-2017

Working from any device!
It's brand new; our online app with which you can, from this day forward, use any type of device to use Easy2Meet. Our app can be downloaded from the application stores and is available through app.easy2meet.nl. Participants are able to work any time, anywhere and from any device. Login with your favorite browser. Can also be used in conjunction with Citrix/RDP.

Integration with Microsoft Teams
Last spring, Microsoft introduced a new way of collaborating in the Office 365 suite: Microsoft Teams. This is an online workspace with integrated chat functionality in Office 365. Teams is available for Office 365 business users and brings together the different Microsoft applications like PowerPoint and Word in one centralized hub. Here you can work together and communicate with any group of people on any shared interest or project.

It is now possible to integrate Easy2Meet in this Microsoft Teams experience. Add Easy2Meet to your workspace and access your meetings without switching applications and without leaving Teams!


What updates can you expect?
The mentioned new possibilities are aimed at meeting participants. To make organizing meetings through Easy2Meet even simpler, a new application will be added to the Easy2Meet product family shortly. This concerns an Outlook add-in, with which meeting organizers will be able to use their normal Outlook workflow to create appointments and add these to Easy2Meet. After we have tested this application with a few customers, it will be released to all active customers.

Using an existing Outlook appointment in Easy2Meet.


Create an Easy2Meet meeting based on the appointment, with the right meeting type.


Check the data and create the meeting!


Continuous updates and improvement
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Improved availability and agenda preview

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  • on 18-04-2017

Easy2Meet has been updated with new functionality! From this month on, you can request the availability of your meeting location, preview your agenda and install the add-in on SharePoint with much more ease:

Meeting room availability
Do you want to be sure that the meeting room is available for your meeting? That's possible as of now, while you are planning your meeting. You will see the availability of your meeting room along with the availability of any meeting participants right from within the meeting wizard.


New functionality: agenda preview
Next to the existing minutes preview, we now added an agenda preview. With this preview you can view the agenda that will be sent to participants who have opted for receiving the attachments by email, instead of through the app. An added advantage of this preview is that the meeting organizer will now be able to give the agenda a quick once over, to see if it is complete, and includes all the necessary attachments and topic descriptions.


Easy2Meet installation
Installing Easy2Meet on SharePoint is easier. The adminstrator will no longer have to take extra steps to install the add-in. Only when installing the add-in for the first time will a consent be necessary for integration with Office 365. Afterwards, users can easily install Easy2Meet on their own sites without any mandatory steps on the part of the administrator.

Short term roadmap
A lot of new functionality has been added for meeting organizers in the last few months. Right now, we are planning on updating the participant app. We will add visual updates and use the feedback we have received from customers to make the app even better. A sneak preview of things that will be realised:

  • A decision overview
  • Updating the user experience while reading attachments
  • Updating the app to better accommodate working offline
  • And more…

Continuous deployment
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Improved meeting attachments

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  • on 18-11-2016

We proudly present to you our latest version of the Easy2Meet app. Fantastic new functionalities were added, so that your meetings will run more smoothly. With this release Easy2Meet will suit your needs even better.

What's new?
Since the last release we've had a lot of useful tips and ideas from end users, of which we've realised several. Reading attachments, navigating within an attachment and the proces of annotating has been fully revised and improved.

A few of the added and improved functionalities include:

Zooming in and out on an attachment is now possible with buttons, 'double tapping' or by using the 'pinch to zoom' gesture.


Three new annotation tools:
It's now possible to highlight, underline or strikethrough text very


easily, by dragging a selection rectangle around the text you want to highlight. These annotations can also be shared with other meeting participants.

Deleting Annotations
Highlighted the wrong text by accident? No problem! Annotations can be easily removed by selecting it and tapping the trash can icon.


Navigating to the right page
Want to go to page 45 from page 1 really quick? We've added a slider, precisely for this purpose. You can now quickly slide to the correct page.


Or by using the super handy document overview panel:


Annotation author
By selecting an annotation made by someone else, the name of the author appears on screen.


Improved annotation list
The layout of the annotation list was restyled completely. The type of annotation and the used color are now shown graphically. You'll find the annotation you're looking for more easily.


As you can see, a lot of improvements! We hope you'll enjoy using Easy2Meet even more, and we're always open for your ideas!

Continuous deployment
We think it's of great importance to improve Easy2Meet rapidly and continuous. We'll often use feedback of customers to do this. If you have any ideas that might fit in our roadmap, please don't hesitate to tell us!

Improvements SharePoint and Onedrive for Business integration

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  • on 01-08-2016

Despite the holidays we have released a new version of Easy2Meet with new functionalities which makes working with Easy2Meet even easier. For example it is now possible to add documents from your entire SharePoint environment, it doesn’t matter if they are in another site collection. It is now even possible to add documents from your OneDrive for Business or from Office Groups!

To ease the search for a document you can now use the powerful SharePoint search functionality which even searches trough the contents of your documents. Are you not entirely sure if you have found the right document? With the quick preview functionality you can directly see the document before you add it to a meeting.

In addition to documents, the meetings are also easily findable with the new extended filter. As you can see, there is no silly season for Easy2Meet!

We will specify the new functionalities in the sections beneath.

Adding attachments from the entire SharePoint environment and OneDrive for Business


Adding the right attachments to a meeting has become a piece of cake with the new update. You could already upload documents from your computer and browse in your SharePoint site, but from now on it is also possible to search documents from your entire SharePoint environment. It doesn’t matter anymore if the documents are on another site, or if they are saved in your OneDrive for Business. Even if your colleague has shared a document with you through One Drive for Business, you can add these to your meeting. Because the powerful SharePoint search function is used, you can search through the content of a document. To make the search for an attachment more specific, we have added several search options: Search in current site collection, search in another, specific site collection, search in all site collections and search only for title.

Preview attachments
Would you like to see an attachment without opening the document? Or are you not entirely sure if you have found the right document? Easy2Meet now offers you a quick preview function which directly gives you insight in the content of a document. So if you have multiple search results you can easily see which document is the one you need. Already added attachments are also visible with a preview. In this way you can quickly see which documents are added to a meeting.

Sorting and filtering
Finding a meeting is made even easier with this update. With the new, powerful filter functionality it is, both for the secretary and the participants, possible to find a specific meeting. Meetings can be filtered based on meeting type and author. Next to this, it is possible to use a very refined filter on timeframe. By combining the different types of filters you can make your own personal view. In this way, when opening the app, you directly see the meetings that are relevant for you!

Tasks and decisions can be sorted and filtered in the same easy, but powerful way based on status, tags, meeting type and timeframe.


Solved issues
Next to the new functionalities several issues are solved to optimize the user interface and already existing functionalities. Do you want to have more details about this release? Here you can find our Release Notes.

Continuous deployment
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Azure AD Integration

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  • on 27-05-2016

Easy2Meet has been updated with new functionality. We're proud to present that secretaries can now directly add users and groups from the Azure Active Directory. With this improvement it's easier then ever to add users to meetings or assign them to tasks. The importance of this will become clear if one is using the Easy2Meet app on multiple SharePoint sites. This is practiced by many, with the goal of managing meetings of different teams on the specific sites of those teams. Users no longer need to be added multiple times if they are involved in multiple teams, but can be fetched directly from the Active Directory.

The use of Azure AD groups has an added advantage. Groups are dynamic. If a user leaves a group and a new one is added, this has instant reflection on the access those users have as meeting participants. Old participants will automatically loose access to the meetings that the group is participating in. New participants automatically have access to view all meetings that the group is participating in. (Also those in the past)

Two factor authentication
Meeting participants can now sign in through Azure AD, in the same way as they are used to when accessing other Microsoft services. This includes the use of such benefits as Two Factor Authentication when signing in to the Easy2Meet tablet app.

Up till now, Easy2Meet had an app for Windows 8 / 10 tablets or pc's, and an app for iPad. The Android tablet app has been added to our device family to give more users easy access with their own device.

Outlook permissions and presence and absence
The way participants are set to present or absent on the minutes has been improved. And we've changed the way secretaries can push appointments to participant calendars. In the old situation, a secretary needed a specific Exchange-role. In the new situation secretaries can push appointments if they have received 'Author' permissions from the participant. If this permission is lacking, Easy2Meet will send invites instead.

Continuous deployment
We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process we are indepted to many customers giving feedback and ideas that we can review and add to our roadmap. If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

If you want to know more details regarding this release, click here to review our Release Notes.

New features for meeting organizers

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Last november, our participant app has undergone a major update concerning a brand new experience of viewing meeting attachments. Today, meeting organizers are spoiled with a series of nice new features.

What's New?
We've received a lot of useful tips and wishes from end users. Out of this list we've realised the following: adding company branding, informing participants proactively about open tasks, a better insight in absence/presence of participants and more.

The added and improved functionalities in detail:

Company Branding
A company brand emphasizes the communication of an organization. It affirms its image and core values of its identity. In Easy2Meet it's now possible to add branding elements to all outgoing communication.

Branding elements can be added to all emails that are sent from Easy2Meet. By adding a company logo and choosing a custom font, font size, spacing and color, outgoing emails from Easy2Meet now match your corporate identity.


Minutes and agenda
For agenda and minutes documents templates were used that had Easy2Meet color styles and logo included. From now on it's possible to change these templates to match your own corporate identity.


Changing your branding settings can be done by people that use the secretary (SharePoint) add-in.

Sending tasks by mail
The participant tablet app has a specific screen for viewing open tasks. Still people asked us if it would be possible to receive tasks by email. To inform participants in a proactive manner about tasks, it's now possible to send tasks by email. The participant will receive an email with information about the task, so that tasks will not be forgotten and the meeting process will be able to proceed.


Viewing participant presence status

While publishing a meeting through Easy2Meet, a meeting request is sent to the participants so they can add the meeting to their calendars. The responses (Accepted, tentatively accepted, denied), however, were completely invisible to the meeting organizer. From now on, meeting organizers will be able to view these responses from within Easy2Meet.


Organizing a meeting on behalf of someone else
It's also possibly to organize meetings on behalf of someone else. This is especially handy in situations where an executive secretary might organize meetings on behalf of a board member, without attending that meeting herself. Organizing a meeting on behalf of someone else will prevent irrelevant meeting appointments overflowing your calendar.


Continuous deployment
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!

Improved meeting documents for participants

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For the meeting participant: reading meeting documents more comfortably
It is springtime again. The time that everything grows and blossoms, including Easy2Meet. It was just a matter of time, before we would update the PDF viewer in the participants' app, and there it is: more beautiful, better and more pleasant to use!
With the new release of the app (With version number 1.8.6), you can easily view the agenda or annotation list side by side with the meeting document you are reading. The quality on the large iPad Pro tablets has also been improved, and with a single push of a button (in the top right corner) you can display the page in screen-fit or page-fit mode.


We have made the lines of pencil strokes and shapes thinner. These were too thick, especially on the iPad Pro.


For the meeting participant: retention policy
Meeting documents downloaded to your device will automatically be deleted after 30 days. You can also choose to remove them manually.


For the meeting participant: open a copy of the original
If your meeting organizer has chosen to save copies of originals (see below), you can now also open these files from the app. Very handy when you want to show a PowerPoint from your device.


Please note: this concerns a copy, not the original itself. These files are not intended for modification. In addition, you also need read access to the SharePoint site where the document is located.

For the meeting organizer: saving copies of the original files
Want to open the original PowerPoint while you are discussing the PDF? That wasn't possible, till now! Easy2Meet continues to improve, and in this April update we bring in something new, which has been achieved thanks to customer feedback.

As a meeting organizer, you can now choose to save a copy of the original file together with the PDF. This makes it easy for you to access the original file from the Organizer, as well as from the Apps.
By default, this setting is disabled, but it can be enabled via the settings screen:


When this setting is turned on, copies of the originals will be placed in the conference folder next to the converted PDF’s when uploading meeting documents, as well as when linking from SharePoint. You can open them by clicking on the file extension:


These and other changes can also be found in our release notes.

Continuous innovation
Easy2Meet is all about you! We think it's important to deploy updates fast and continuously. For this process your feedback and ideas are invaluable! If you have ideas that might be important to you and other customers, please let us know!